About the BTA Pilates Matwork teacher training program

“I scouted around looking for a suitable Pilates Matwork teacher training course during end 2015. My intention was to go for a career switch, to do something I love, keep fit and bring the benefits of Pilates to postnatal mums or larger ladies like me. This is because Pilates has indeed changed and challenged me in a positive and personal manner.

I remember sending out my enquiries to 4 different studios. Bodytree Academy was one of them. I received a swift reply from Kris and immediately, we fixed a date for a chat. The first impression was warmth and sincerity. During our first chat, Kris was patient and listened to my purpose for seeking a career switch as well as my cares and concerns.

Personally, I felt apprehensive and concerned about how I could go about meeting the course requirements and criteria, yet I knew in my heart that this is something I am truly keen to do.

Being someone larger in size and having no background in the fitness arena, I had many concerns as to whether I could teach well. Kris patiently went through every detail and gave me confidence and tips on how to make things happen as well as sound advices for approaching a career switch. That was my first step.

During our training with Jerry and Daniel, we had many enriching and hands-on experiences that truly made sense with the theory taught.

One of our sessions with Jerry, we were given time and opportunity to share about the ‘dream group’ of people we wish to work with. Jerry made this learning experience a reflective and individualised one even though it was done in a group session. He then went on to give each of us personalised advices. This is indeed a value added element to the teacher training program as IT BRINGS IN THE ‘HEART ASPECT’ OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A TEACHER WHO TEACHES WITH THE RIGHT INTENTION AND USING A CLIENT ORIENTED APPROACH.

Daniel’s Movement Anatomy™ sessions were always fun and empowering because the hands-on activities were effective, functional and attainable, bringing together the concordance of the theories learnt.


– RUTHLYNN TAN, owner of Bridging Joy; specialist tutor for dyslexics and Pilates teacher in Singapore (instagram : bridgingjoypilates_sg)

“Since I finished the Pilates Matwork teacher training program with BodyTree Academy, THE STUDENTS COMING FOR MY CLASSES KEEP GROWING!

I can see now how I am contributing to the transformation of my students’ core control and body flexibility.”

– SANDY SIEW, Spinning instructor and Pilates Matwork teacher in Singapore

I’VE TRIED SEVERAL PILATES SCHOOLS IN THE PAST, BUT NONE OF THEM HAD INSPIRED ME QUITE AS MUCH AS BODYTREE ACADEMY. I have finally seen and experienced the benefits of Pilates and am looking forward to continue on the path of learning with the Academy and sharing my knowledge and practice with others.”

– LUCRETIA CHENG, founder of Fitness Fun, Singapore

“The main hesitation I had before signing up for the program was whether I could follow the course as I was not familiar with human anatomy and bio-mechanics.  After I started the course, I know I have made the right choice.

The BTA teaching training program is very well structured to equip us with relevant anatomical knowledge so we can readily bring such knowledge to our teaching; and know how to modify the exercises to create more (or less) challenge to clients. 

The instructors of the program are passionate, dedicated, experienced and highly skilled Pilates professionals. They have created a conducive environment for us to learn and build our confidence to teach. A substantial amount of time in the program was allocated to help us to develop, improve and sharpen our teaching skills. A lot of great ideas were shared with us on how to construct a fun yet challenging group mat class.  

THE TEACHING PRINCIPLES WE HAVE LEARNED NOT ONLY ALLOW US TO TEACH PILATES GROUP CLASSES BUT ALSO CAN BE APPLIED TO TEACH OTHER FITNESS / MOVEMENT CLASSES. Outside the classroom hours, the program also provided us a lot of online videos on how the PBT instructors teach in their classes.  I found it beneficial as it deepens my understanding on class sequencing, verbal cueing, and hand-on adjustment. 


I highly recommend this program to those who are looking for Pilates teacher training with rigour and quality, and are keen to embark on the path to becoming a highly qualified Pilates instructor.

– RINGO HO, Aerial Fitness and kids Yoga instructor

“Initially I was apprehensive about attending the Pilates Matwork teacher training program and kept thinking I may not be good enough. The fact is you don’t have to be. Though the purpose of the course is learning how to instruct a Matwork class, but it is exactly through that that makes me really understand the pieces better and thereby BRINGING MY OWN PRACTICE TO A HIGHER LEVEL. Having completed the course, not only are my practices getting more effective, I can also help others do the same correctly and safely.”

– DENNIS GOH, Dance teacher and performer at JJSalsaRengue, Singapore

“During the program, I learnt a lot more than I had in the group classes. I developed a deeper appreciation of the movements and the key points to look out for, not just as a teacher trainee but also in my own practice.

I was very glad the program included anatomy, biomechanics and pathologies components. It provided a link between the musculoskeletal structure and the Pilates Matwork pieces. I also appreciate how I was forced out of my comfort zone to teach mock classes that I otherwise wouldn’t be confident of teaching. Different scenarios were thrown at the teacher trainees to get us thinking on our feet while teaching. Although unnerving, I felt IT WAS GOOD TO FACE THE REALITY OF TEACHING A CLASS AT AN EARLY STAGE.

After completing the program, I felt confident enough to teach a class, especially a class of students I have not met before. It put into perspective the reasons for us to teach mock class with unexpected scenarios.

I liked the class structure, and how it highlights limitations students in a group class might face, especially for students who have not had a habit of moving. I also appreciate the teacher trainees having to think of ways to modify some of the movement pieces so the clients can perform them at a more manageable level instead of the movement being too difficult for them. We learnt what the movement pieces were about, and as a result we were able to adapt the pieces for clients of different needs.

Teaching the teacher trainees to be proficient in teaching isn’t enough. THE PROGRAM GOES A STEP FURTHER TO PREPARE TEACHER TRAINEES TO FACE THE CHALLENGES OF TEACHING A REAL CLASS.

I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to teach movement, not just Pilates. The program effectively uses anatomy, biomechanics and pathologies to relate to movement and it should benefit teachers of Pilates and other fitness professionals.”

– TIM, Administrator and project manager in Singapore

“The BTA Pilates Matwork teacher training program that I took was very impressive. Explanations have been detailed. It might be a bit slow for me to understand as English is not my first language however the teachers are very helpful, attentive, patient and fun in many ways. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experiences during the program, and yet, that also makes me realise that there is still a lot to learn!

The program has given me more details about which muscles and joints we must work on. I’ve learnt various cues so that beginners and first-time Pilates students can understand the movements more.

It helped me to do some acrobatic or extreme Capoeira movements easier because I KNOW NOW WHICH MUSCLES & JOINTS I MUST USE TO PRODUCE NERGY TO BALANCE OR CONTROL. While some Capoeira movements will cause back pain and knee pain if we don’t do it correctly, now I can suggest to my clients better positions and how to engage various muscles to avoid pain.

Overall, Pilates has fixed my posture, eliminated pains, produced more control for my Capoeira acrobatic/extreme movements.”

– GRACE TANUWIDJAJA, Brazilian Capoeira teacher and practitioner, Surabaya Indonesia


– JANE TAN, Taichi, Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Singapore

“I feel very fortunate to join the Pilates teacher training from BodyTree Academy. It was definitely not an easy one, but definitely worth it. The teachers are VERY DETAILED, KNOWLEDGEABLE AND VERY PASSIONATE about what they do. The learning experience has brought me to another level of Pilates, equipped me with certain knowledge to help my clients and my fellow runners to understand more about their bodies and how to train in safer and more efficient ways. 

The teachers at Pilates BodyTree have raised the bar amongst other Pilates teachers on the Pilates teaching technique. I feel proud to be associated with these great teachers and mentors.”

– MEYSKE, Finance Professional and Pilates Teacher in Jakarta

“The Pilates Matwork teacher training program was a humbling learning experience for me. The instructors of the program are PASSIONATE, SPOT ON, AND ENTHUSIASTICALLY SHARED THEIR KNOWLEDGE with the class. The course ignited my desire to keep on learning about Pilates and how through Pilates I can relate better to my clients’ fitness challenges.

Thank you to the instructors who have done good jobs!”

– DAISY CATHERINE, Personal Trainer, Singapore

“I’m in honour to say the following few words for your kind consideration and acceptance that the Pilates Matwork teacher training program was fantastic. I came to Pilates BodyTree due to Jerry’s teaching whom I attended a few classes. Then I joined Kris’s Pilates classes. I like very much their way of teaching though I couldn’t follow the techniques. And luckily in the Pilates Matwork teacher training program, both are the Teachers.

Regarding the Matwork program, overall is totally perfect. There is Quality, Punctuality, Dedication, Passion etc. Thank you very much for the Program.”

– SUDHIR, Yoga teacher in Singapore

“The Pilates Matwork teacher training program exceeded my expectations. I learnt so much from the course, not just for my own practice, but also MANY USEFUL POINTS THAT I CAN WEAVE INTO MY TEACHING AS A YOGA INSTRUCTOR. I will definitely like to take more of these courses, or maybe in the future the Comprehensive Pilates teacher training!

Thank you Kris and Jerry for making this experience wonderful and impactful!”

– NICOLE CHUNG, founder of SUP Yoga Singapore

“The teachers were approachable and very generous with their knowledge. I enjoyed their OPEN AND EXPLORATORY APPROACH in teaching, which made things easily digestible for someone with no prior background in anatomy or fitness. It’s difficult to make things look easy, which just demonstrates their incredible depth of knowledge.”

– VERA CHUNG, social media expert

About the Comprehensive Pilates teacher training program

“It’s been an eye-opening & fantastic journey!

The teachers are professional & knowledgeable. Above all, they are very passionate in what they do, always ready to assist you in clearing any doubts or questions you might have.

I personally have gained a lot of knowledge in the work because of their dedication.  I owe it to them!  Today I am having a fantastic career teaching Pilates to my clients & to carry on the spirit!”

– CINDY YEE, Pilates teacher and Reiki practitioner at The Moving Body, Singapore

“I would like to highly recommend the Pilates teacher training programme offered by BodyTree Academy (formerly known as Pilates BodyScience). I was very impressed by the professionalism and level of attention the faculty provided to the students throughout this full time programme.

They are genuinely pleased to share their knowledge and experience and to help participants grow to their full potential to ensure success. I was inspired by their passion and dedication to nurture our motivation and to widen our interest about anatomy, movement mechanics and pathologies.

I enjoyed being confronted with different teaching styles and methods as each senior teacher conveys specific messages and focus. The teachers managed to create a very conducive atmosphere for studying which led to participants committing to help each other and succeed as a group.

Being based in a different country I appreciated the flexibility and the clever scheduling of workshops and training sessions in the Singapore studio. I was able to plan ahead and to smoothly juggle family life and training.

It was a tough year and a brilliant experience which I am not about to forget! Thank you!”

– VALERIE AUTISSIER, currently based in Hong Kong

“I would like to thank all the faculty for making the Course one that is meaningful to us and for us as an individual and for our course of work.

The sharing of your experiences and knowledge is something I appreciate and value a lot! It’s good to be back and be inspired again! I miss the training days!”

– LOUISA LAU, owner of inspired Pilates

“The teachers at BodyTree Academy (formerly known as Pilates BodyScience) are true masters. They took a deep and meaningful interest in my personal and professional development as I studied to become a Pilates teacher. I’m proud to be associated with these wonderful teachers.”

– SAWANO NEWELL, currently based in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 

“I was one of the Pilates teacher training program’s students. I am lucky to have teachers who have great qualities on Pilates techniques and practise.

Joining the Program needs high motivation and inspiration and I got them from all the teachers since they always support me by sharing their experience and knowledge. Not only that, they are also so kind by giving attention to each student. They are very professional teachers. So students who learn and practise with them are very lucky.

The benefit of joining the Comprehensive Program is I am more aware of my own body which makes me feel healthier with my body and my mind. So I thank you very much to all of the teachers.”

– MARGARETHA SALEH, Pilates teacher in Surabaya Indonesia

“The Pilates teacher training program has absolutely changed my life, forever. Everyday has been an ‘AHA’ moment!”

– GINA CHOY, Pilates teacher in Manila, The Philippines

“This program has changed my life.

I was a Personal Trainer and because of this program, I learned a lot more about the body (anatomy, analysis of movement) … It’s a very complete because we learned Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Chair, Spine Corrector etc, all together.

We can see the link between the different apparatus. I enjoyed this program, I enjoyed the precision of the team who taught us. This program is demanding and force us to go further but at the same time it’s accessible to people who are ready to follow the process.”

– ISABELLE FRANCK-RIBAS, currently based in Provence France

About the Prehab Trainer™ program (previously known as the Movement Anatomy™ series)

“The course was made interactive and instructor was engaging. Understanding and making sense of anatomy was my primary goal and I think I’ve achieved that in this course.”


Focusing on portions that matter most to movement teachers, for example: not focusing too much on insertion and origin of muscles (like in the textbooks). Instead, we looked at where they are and analysed how they move bones. It’s a logical process that eschews rote memorisation and instead provides us with a practical approach that is critical to what we do.


… the clear and objective method that used to apply the anatomy knowledge into real life scenario were very relevant and helpful.


The sequence of logic thinking on how muscles affect the movement of joints, bones and muscles.


I like the portion when the function and action of each muscle is explained, more importantly the implication and difference of how to strengthen and lengthen is elaborated.


I found the entire course very insightful … I was able to follow the course primarily because of the good links between theory and practical. So, I feel that the most successful part of the course is when the theoretical part of the Biomechanics is made ‘alive’ and relevant through practical and partnering work.


I enjoyed finding out about how our daily habits caused certain muscle imbalances and the various assessments we can use.


Doing the movement exercises with a partner was good as it helped the learners make relevant reference to the various body parts in a practical way to experiment the biomechanics of a human’s body.


May 2015 marks 10 years of my journey in Pilates under the wonderful tutelage of Daniel. Prior to that, I was just an avid runner and enjoyed gym workouts 7 days a week. Without realizing the importance of stretching and the know – how to do it correctly, I often had to turn to physiotheraphy for help to release tight muscles that caused me much discomfort and pain.

When I started practising Pilates in May 2005, almost every movement was a challenge as I was sorely lacking in flexibility and mobility. When I used gym equipment, I thought I was strong. But I struggled when I had to execute a similar movement with Pilates apparatus.

Over the years, in order to help me understand more and move better, Daniel taught me a lot about the human anatomy as I was also increasingly curious about muscle activation. So when BodyTree Academy offered the Movement Anatomy™ series, I knew I had to go for it.

In Movement Anatomy™ I – Biomechanics, I get a clear idea of the skeletal system together with related muscles, helping me to understand the reasons for common movement inefficiencies. With this knowledge, Movement Anatomy™ II – Pathologies became very interesting and meaningful. Here we learned about Pain (knee, hip, shoulder, etc), the symptoms and the causes, it really drove home the message that injuries due to muscle imbalances and poor movement mechanics can be prevented.

By the time I attended the Strength and Mobility (SAM) workshop and learned specific Stretch & Release methods, muscle activation drills and strengthening exercises, I feel like I understand WHY we are doing what we are doing instead of blindly following exercises.

The course came with a manual with pictures of where to release, how to stretch and exercises to strengthen the related muscles. Definitely my favourite guide book as I refer to it frequently since then.

Last but not least, my heartfelt thanks to Daniel for his tireless efforts in making the Movement Anatomy™ series and the SAM course interesting, fun and a great learning journey!”

– ESTHER, Pilates practitioner, Singapore

“The Strength and Mobility course is extremely comprehensive, covering the entire body – from the foot/ankle to the neck/head.

I enjoyed learning in greater depth about how to stretch and release tight muscles, thereby alleviating related pain (e.g. shoulder, calves), as well as how to activate and strengthen muscles prior/for a workout (e.g. strengthen wrist and forearm muscles to execute a more stable plank).

The exercises taught during the course are very effective. The more I practise Pilates, the more I think these exercises are important to learn.

What’s wonderful is that the knowledge acquired during the course is useful not only for Pilates, but also relevant for other forms of exercises (e.g. yoga). It also addresses problems arising from poor habits (e.g. neck pain due to slouching over the computer) or unavoidable daily routines (e.g. tight hip flexors due to prolonged desk work).

SAM is a course I highly recommend to anyone who suffers from some form of pain and/or is interested in simply being able to move better.”

– XUAN HUI, yoga and Pilates practitioner; photographer and translator, currently based in Tokyo