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Comprehensive Teacher Certification

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Program

Becoming a certified Comprehensive Teacher means that you have completed all the trainings in the Pilates Repertoire and Apparatus; This will enable you to teach and program your 1-1/group sessions utilising:

  • Pilates Matwork
  • Spine Corrector
  • Reformer
  • Cadillac, High Barrel and
    Wunda Chair

 BodyTree Academy’s Comprehensive Teacher graduates are well sought after in the region.

The BodyTree Academy Difference.

 BodyTree Academy’s Comprehensive Teacher graduates are well sought after in the region.

BodyTree Academy believes in teaching excellently and we want to help you help others move well and with ease.

The heart of the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Program is in its client-centric approach. You will learn to teaching the bodies (clients) presented, as opposed to mindlessly applying a fixed sequence of exercises to any client.

Starting from the Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification, the focus is on the process of:

– assessing your client when they are moving
– making critical judgements about their strengths, challenges and imbalances
– deciding what your client needs
– understanding which pieces on which Pilates apparatus is the most relevant to your client at every stage of his/her practice
– understanding the intention of each Pilates movement on each apparatus so that the benefits of the exercise can be experienced by the client through relevant verbal and tactile cues
– managing client’s expectations and goal setting

Being comprehensive certified by BodyTree Academy means:

1. You have completed all Prehab Trainer Modules (which are the pre-requisites)

2. You have completed and passed the Pilates Matwork Teacher Training Certification

3. You have completed all BTA Apparatus Training: Spine Corrector Teacher Certification, Reformer Teacher Certification and Studio Teacher Certification

4. Passed your Comprehensive Program Evaluation

After completion of the program, you can apply to National Pilates Certification Program (US) or Pilates Alliance (AU). 

More information here on Pilates Certifications.

Is the BodyTree Academy Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Program for you?

The BodyTree Academy Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Program is suitable for you if you are a:

– GROUP EXERCISE INSTRUCTOR who wants to expand your teaching repertoire or start teaching a Pilates class without the need for Pilates apparatus

– PERSONAL TRAINER who wants to elevate your quality of teaching by incorporating and integrating Pilates Matwork exercises, Pilates concepts and the Prehab Trainer™ techniques into your PT sessions

– YOGA TEACHER; DANCE TEACHER or GYMNASTIC COACH  who acknowledges the value of progressing your clients safely and without injury

– PILATES PRACTITIONERS & CLIENTS who wants to turn your passion into a career


If you would like to have a chat about whether the program is a good fit for you, please contact Tabitha here.

Program Structure and Details

Count down to Pilates Matwork Intake 2 Classroom hours:


What's next?

As every Pilates teacher knows, getting your comprehensive certification is just the start of the journey. BodyTree Academy also offers in house continued education workshops and courses. BodyTree Academy also works closely with Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA) to deliver Dr. Emily’s range of courses.

Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification

JULY 10, 11, 17, 18 and 24

The Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification is our foundation course and is the entry level course for you to launch your new career as a Pilates instructor. This course consists of online observations, student teaching hours, self practice hours as well as a practical course over 5 days. After completing this course, you will be a fully certified Pilates Matwork instructor who is able to work in Pilates studios, gyms and fitness centres.

Reformer Teacher Certification

August 13 - 15, 27 - 29
September 10 - 12

The Pilates reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment which looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys. The origins of the Pilates reformer date back to the original Pilates studio in New York in the 1920’s and was designed by Joseph Pilates himself.

It is now one of the most common and sought after Pilates equipment. Learn to teach with us!

Studio Teacher Certification

September 24 - 26,
October 8 -10, 22-24

BodyTree Academy's Studio Teacher Certification course is a 45 hour course and is a requirement to complete for those looking to become a Comprehensive Certified Pilates teacher. The Studio Teacher Certification covers the Wundachair, High Barrel and the Trapeze Table also known as the Cadillac.

Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 2

17&18 MAY 9am - 5pm
Further challenge your concept of from the ground up movement and foot to core sequencing with EBFA's Level 2 Certification. From heel strike to push-off, our foot dictates the way our body responds and reacts to every closed chain movement including walking, squatting and jumping.

In this advanced Level 2 Certification you will further explore the concept of sensory science as it relates to movement efficiency and the transfer of energy during gait. All attendees will learn the powerful assessment technique for walking and running gait.
EARN ACE, AFAA, NASM, PTA Global CECs! (ACE 1.4, AFAA 14, NASM 1.4, PTA Global 14)

RunInjuryFree! Certification

19 MAY 9am - 5pm
Both Power Plate and Naboso Technology are based on the science of proprioceptors.

This program helps you to better understand your body, the demands of running and how to avoid the most common running-related injuries. Through barefoot science, fascial fitness and neuromuscular conditioning, Dr Emily Splichal will show you how to survive the unnatural conditions of today's shod society and optimize your movement patterns. Using barefoot activation exercises, and incorporating Naboso Technology and Personal Power Plate, Run Injury Free! is your go-to program to ensure years of efficient movement - one step at a time.
EARN ACE, AFAA, NASM, PTA Global CECs! (ACE 1.4, AFAA 14, NASM 1.4, PTA Global 14)

Blog: Knowing when to strengthen and when to release/ stretch

What will you do if your client comes up to you and say this exercise/ movement feels uncomfortable? Or what will you do if your client gets the movement concept but just can’t do the movement well despite trying multiple cues? And what will you do if your client just feel hamstrings and can’t get the glutes working although you have worked through various glutes exercises and movement tweaks? Do you try to work on it or do you avoid it entirely?

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For more information on our comprehensive program, email Tabitha (info@bodytreeacademy.com)