• PREHAB TRAINER™: Upper Body & Shoulder Girdle

    Presented by Daniel Chan on 26th & 27th Oct 2019

    Designed for movement and fitpros REGARDLESS of your chosen movement discipline, Prehab Trainer™ is a step-by-step critical thinking process to recognise movement dysfunctions; understand the implications AND make valid decisions on exercise selections to help your clients achieve their goals.

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  • Pilates Mat TT (Feb 2020) Applications are Open

    The BTA Pilates Matwork teacher training program is unique because it includes the Prehab Trainer™.

    The Mat TT is taught hand in hand with Anatomy, Biomechanics & Pathologies and focuses on the critical thinking process. This process is imperative for you to teach a class that is relevant, meaningful and effective for your clients.

    Click here to enquire today. Early bird fee ends 31st Oct 2019.

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  • Barefoot Training Specialist™ Level 1

    (18th & 19th Nov 2019)

    Created by Dr Emily Splichal, this is the foundation to all EBFA Global education, setting the foundation for advanced concepts in barefoot activation, reflexive stabilisation and movement efficiency. In this Level 1 Certification, learn Foot to Core sequencing; Open & Closed chain foot assessment and more.

    ACE 1.4, AFAA 14, NASM 1.4 or PMA® 14.

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  • Dr Emily Splichal on Pelvic Balance (10th Mar 2020)

    Launching in 2020 is EBFA Global’s newest course “PELVIC BALANCE”!

    Pelvic floor & pelvic function workshops are not new within the fitness and movement industry, however what IS new is EBFA’s approach to this topic. Dr Emily will cover the difference between the Male versus Female pelvic floor anatomy; common imbalances; pelvic floor rhythms; release and activation ...

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  • Certification in DNS Exercise Course (28th & 29th Mar 2020)

    DNS is an unique approach explaining the importance of the neurophysiological principles of the movement system. It encompasses principles of developmental kinesiology during the 1st year of life - defining ideal posture, breathing stereotypes and functional joint centration from a “neurodevelopmental” paradigm.

    The primary goal is to optimize distribution of internal forces of the muscles acting on ...

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  • Oct 2020: Diane Lee Teaching 2 workshops in Singapore!

    Diane Lee is a practicing physiotherapist at Diane Lee & Associates and is recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association as a clinical specialist in Woman’s Health in 2016. She continues to maintain her clinical practice for over 40 years and follows the research evidence closely. This combined clinical and education experience culminated in the development of The Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain (ISM), and is also the source of what she draws from for her teaching worldwide.

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What our Graduates say

I’ve tried several Pilates schools in the past, but none of them had INSPIRED me quite as much as BodyTree Academy.

I have finally seen and experienced the benefits of Pilates and am looking forward to continue on the path of learning with the Academy and sharing my knowledge and practice with others.

Lucretia, Founder of Fitness Fun Singapore

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Fletcher Pilates Faculty

PREHAB TRAINER™ is suitable for fitness professionals, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, yoga instructors, movement/dance teachers or advanced practitioners...

Fletcher Pilates Faculty

The PILATES MATWORK TEACHER TRAINING is ideal for you if you are keen to start to teach Pilates but are not able to commit to a longer Pilates teacher training program, either time-wise or financially...

Fletcher Pilates Faculty

Being a Pilates Teacher can be a fulfilling career for someone who is interested in physical wellbeing for himself/herself and helping others achieve the same. As someone said “why not get paid while I am at it?”...