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BTA Pilates teachers
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BTA Pilates Matwork teachers
(Class of 2015)

Gary Tham

pilates-teacher-training-bodytree-academy-pilates-matwork-teacher-gary-thamAfter attending the Pilates Matwork teacher training program, I learned a lot more about the body (anatomy & analysis of movement). This has also helped me in my Strength & Conditioning training background.

Not only are self-practices more effective, I can also help others do the same correctly, effectively and safely.

My takeaways from this course: never stop learning to improve.

Currently available to teach on weekday evenings.

Facebook/email: gaz.tham@hotmail.com


Grace Angreiny


Grace Angreiny lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. She used to be a Bikram Yoga fanatic practitioner in 2012 for almost a year. She has interests in healthy living. Tried doing Pilates for the first time in 2015, it really hooked her. Fixed her posture, reduced her low back pain and slimmed down as a bonus. What Pilates did for her, she wants the others to experience the great benefit of Pilates as well. That is why she decided taking BTA Mat Teacher Training in 2015.

Starting January 2016, she decided to quit her job in Advertising to be a full-time Pilates teacher in Jakarta. She is really passionate about enhancing the quality of lives of the people she encounters through Pilates and a way to relieve stress.

Grace enjoys being playful and challenging, while also bringing alignment awareness to her classes. She works hard to create a fun, easy to follow and high-energy class, where everyone feels welcome, confident. Her goal is to have the participants leave her class feeling uplifted as well as accomplished.

Her enthusiasm for Pilates is compelling and undeniable, so if you want a great Mat workout for any level, encourages the beginner and challenges the more advanced. Her Pilates mat group or private sessions are taught to meet the clients’ needs and experience level of the students attending in a step by step progression.

When she is not teaching Pilates, she enjoys traveling and hanging out with her friends, and checking out new / good restaurants around the city.

She looks forward to see you in her group class at Pilates Capital Jakarta (www.pilatescapital.com) or a private session (one-on-one) at your home / office.

– Issac Tan Rui Zhi
– Jasmine Lee Hui Shan