Introduce yourself

I’m Alice, a LaSalle dance graduate. Upon graduating, I join a contemporary dance company to continue on performing. At the same time, I’m also very passionate in teaching hence I take the step to be a dance teacher while I’m still pursuing my dance career. And currently, I’m here at BTA on my next journey to be a Pilates teacher.

What made you decide to pursue a Pilates Teacher Certification?

There are actually a few factors that make me come to this decision.

I’ve been teaching for the past 10 over years and many times, I’m face in a situation where I do not know how to handle certain issues of my students’ posture/foot/body just cause my knowledge in body anatomy/conditioning are not deep enough to address them. After all, the experiences that I’ve gained are only from my previous career as a dancer and not from a physio or other form of fitness. Hence there would be times where I feel I was very stagnant in my teaching, feeling like I am not equip enough to give/help my students. I know then that it is time for me to upgrade myself. But I also know that 2 of my colleagues in my dance studio are also pilates teacher in BTA and I’ve sometimes seen them doing conditioning with their own students. In my heart, I feel this is probably something that I can explore to further upgrade myself.

The final decision is in year 2020, where I am considering to pursue a different path in career that will give me a little more flexibility from where I am right now so I can manage my family schedule better. At the same time, I didn’t want to waste all the efforts/experiences that I’ve gained from my past 10 over years of teaching dance so I want to look into something that’s relatable to dance. Pilates then came into my mind and the rest is history.

How has your journey been so far?

Wow, it has been mind blowing and like what I’ve told some of my colleagues; is like I’m seeing things in a whole new set of eyes/perspectives! With the knowledge that I have gained so far from the programme, things I don’t use to see in my students’ body I can actually see them now, understand why and address them better. Also, I’ve more to give in terms of like exercises/knowledge to condition my students to prepare them to be more aware of their body and dance safely. Though there are times where I’m still struggling, but my mentors in BTA have been able to help me to answer the questions. Also, ever since I’ve started my own training in Pilates, I’ve never felt so worked and fit since I’ve stopped performing on stage years ago.

What about the BTA program stands out for you?

What stands out for me in the BTA programme would be their mentors. They are very willing to share their knowledge and very transparent in what they do.

Would you recommend the BTA program and why?

Yes I will surely recommend BTA programme even you may not pursue a career in it but it will surely give you a whole new perspective about your own body awareness. It’s addictive too cause ever since I started this programme I’ve never stop being curious about one’s body, the benefit that Pilates can provide as well as working out myself.

Our next intake for our Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification is happening in July (WEEKENDS: 10, 11, 17, 18, 24) . If you are existing coach, the prerequisite module, PREHAB TRAINER™ Axial skeleton is eligible for the Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Training Allowance Grant (TAG). Find out more on PREHAB TRAINER™ here. To sign up for our Pilates Matwork Teacher Certification + PREHAB TRAINER™ Axial Skeleton, visit here:

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