Reviews of Movement Anatomy™ – Basic

The course was made interactive and instructor was engaging. Understanding and making sense of anatomy was my primary goal and I think I’ve achieved that in this course.

Focusing on portions that matter most to movement teachers, for example: not focusing too much on insertion and origin of muscles (like in the textbooks). Instead, we looked at where they are and analysed how they move bones. It’s a logical process that eschews rote memorisation and instead provides us with a practical approach that is critical to what we do.

… the clear and objective method that used to apply the anatomy knowledge into real life scenario were very relevant and helpful.

The sequence of logic thinking on how muscles affect the movement of joints, bones and muscles.

I like the portion when the function and action of each muscle is explained, more importantly the implication and difference of how to strengthen and lengthen is elaborated.

Reviews of Movement Anatomy™ I: Biomechanics

I found the entire course very insightful … I was able to follow the course primarily because of the good links between theory and practical. So, I feel that the most successful part of the course is when the theoretical part of the Biomechanics is made ‘alive’ and relevant through practical and partnering work.

I enjoyed finding out about how our daily habits caused certain muscle imbalances and the various assessments we can use.

Doing the movement exercises with a partner was good as it helped the learners make relevant reference to the various body parts in a practical way to experiment the biomechanics of a human’s body.