Our BodyTree Academy Reformer Teacher Training is a 120-hour teacher training (TT) program that can be completed over 14 weeks.

Upon graduation, you will be able to teach clients group classes and one-on-one sessions utilising Pilates concepts and techniques, with the BodyTree Approach using the Pilates Reformer.

Pilates Reformer

Jospeh Pilates’ thinking was shaped by his work with injured soldiers during the war, his father’s involvement in fitness and sport, and the post-war intellectual era in Germany in which science, literature, philosophy and the arts flourished. European holistic therapies such as hydrotherapy, trigger point therapy and breath work influenced Pilates’ development, as did meditation and modern dance. He invented an apparatus, improving upon the standard equipment of the time, which could both address physical dysfunction or injury and condition the body. Pilates’ prototype apparatus eventually became the Universal Reformer.

The Program

In this unique program, the Reformer exercises are taught hand in hand with Anatomy, Biomechanics and Pathologies (BTA Prehab Trainer™). The BodyTree Approach is a client-centric approach, based on the belief of teaching the clients presented, as opposed to mindlessly applying a fixed sequence of exercises to any body.

During the TT, you will learn a critical thinking process. This process is imperative for you to teach a class that is relevant, meaningful and effective for your clients. 

You will:

– understand and learn how to do each Reformer exercise well and what each exercise’s primary intention is

– learn how to look and “read” your clients’ bodies

– make informed judgements about what you see

– learn to make modifications or progressions to an exercise as required

– learn about class design and class programming 


Ideally, you are a certified Pilates teacher in Matwork. But Fitness Professionals and Advanced practitioners are also welcomed.


Class room hours: 15 – 17 August, 22-24 August 2021


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BTA Prehab Trainer™ + Reformer Teacher Training Level 1 Bundle Fee* : SGD 3206

Early Bird Promo (Before 01 June 2021): SGD 3006

Only for those who have already completed Prehab Trainer™ Upper & Lower Limb: SGD2507 (early bird, SGD2200)


Register your interest here: https://forms.gle/smQS4eowgVLtNmZj7