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Recovery Philosophy By Natalia Rachel

Recovery Philosophy by Natalia Rachel

Recovering from illness or injury is a complex process that will unfold differently depending on our baseline of physical and mental health, and the level of personal and professional support available.

Understanding the key concepts that ignite our innate recovery process empowers us to approach recovery and healing from a place of reverence, listening and compassion, rather than one of force, speed and outcome orientation.

Join Natalia Rachel for this one-day intensive where you will unlock the truth about the human body, it’s healing potential and explore concepts that will help you and your clients to shift into a natural state of healing and recovering.

Some of the key concepts that will be explored include:

Threat, survival and safety

Bracing patterns

Capacity, limits & life force

Pendulation, expansion & contraction

Self-loathing vs self-love

Origins of trauma

Insights into trauma-informed care and the importance of a relational approach

You’ll spend the day deep in conversation, somatic meditation and movement explorations.

One day to go deep and change the way you view recovery forever!