When I was choosing which subjects to pursue in university, I definitely did not consider fitness instructor, yoga teacher or a Pilates teacher as a career.  Actually, it never crossed my mind – truthfully, I didn’t know what I wanted to do then!

Today, more than 30 years later, there is still no requirement of a university education to become a fitness instructor, yoga or Pilates teacher.

However, there are now more university graduates choosing fitness and wellness as a career. Why is there a growing interest in this field? Partly it is the growth of the fitness industry. With the growth, there are more job openings and types of positions available such as fitness center manager, program manager, studio owner, fitness instructor, yoga teacher, Pilates teacher etc. Hence there are opportunities to carve successful careers in this area.

Let’s talk about becoming a Pilates Teacher. Why would you even consider this, especially for people who are already working as a professional in an office or corporation?

1. Passion

Being a Pilates Teacher can be a fulfilling career for someone who is interested in physical wellbeing for himself/herself and helping others achieve the same.  As someone said “why not get paid while I am at it?”

Not all of us (including myself) knew exactly what we wanted to be when we entered Polytechnic or University. Having a a degree helps a person obtain a job after graduation but not necessarily a job that you want to do for the rest of your working life.

Personally, I was “lucky” in that I had a successful career in corporations, but after many years, it started to become a chore – especially when companies kept changing bosses and the stress levels did not improve, regardless of how many years you have worked in the same company. In fact, it got worse!

2. Success measured directly by your own commitment and skills

You are able to see directly the results of your own effort and skills. For example, if your clientele base keeps increasing (until you can’t accept anymore!) or clients prefer to come to your group classes.

Even though the studio and its management play a key role in attracting and retaining clients but you as a Pilates Teacher have a direct impact as well. In other words, there are no layers of hierarchy and bureaucracy to see the fruits of your contributions.

3. Time management

A Pilates Teacher is obliged to teach clients on a regular basis once he/she has accepted the assignment. However, there is more flexibility in determining the hours of work and when to take time off.

In my past career, when I took time off, quite often I was still thinking about work or when I came back, I had to put in more hours to catch up! This does not happen with a Pilates Teacher, as there are no deadlines.

4. Meeting diverse people

If you are interested in interacting with people – this is one career where you have the opportunity to teach people of all ages and both genders. Being a Pilates Teacher provides the variety and challenge as no one client is the same, and the body does not stay the same either.

To me, being a Pilates Teacher is like I’m on a mission. I educate and encourage clients about physical wellbeing and to lead a healthy, active, pain free lifestyle.

Could you be the person who is eager to share such knowledge and passion too?

 Written by LayYong
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