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This is a 80+hour teacher training program that takes 20 weeks to complete. Upon graduation, you will be able to teach Pilates Matwork group classes or one-on-one safely and effectively.

The Pilates Matwork teacher training program (Mat TT) is also the prerequisite for the Comprehensive TT.

The BodyTree Difference

prehab-trainer-fitness-training-continuing-education-personal-trainer-pilates-teacher-training-anatomy-biomechanics-pathologyThe BodyTree Academy (BTA) believes in teaching excellently.

We want to help you help others move well and with ease.

This is why in the BTA Pilates Matwork teacher training program (Mat TT), the Matwork exercises are taught hand in hand with Prehab Trainer™. The BTA Approach is a client-centric approach. We believe in teaching the bodies (clients) presented, as opposed to mindlessly applying a fixed sequence of exercises to any client.

During the Mat TT, you will learn a critical thinking process. This process is imperative for you to teach a class that is relevant, meaningful and effective for your clients.

You will understand and learn how to do each Matwork exercise well and what each exercise’s primary intention is. But more importantly, you will:

– Learn how to look and “read” a body (your clients’), visually and through palpation
– Make informed judgements about what you see
– Know what you can do to address the issues e.g. a Release, Stretch, Activation, Modification/Progression

You will also learn about class design and class programming so that your clients can benefit maximally from your Pilates Matwork classes.

This solid foundation in the BTA Mat TT is the prerequisite for the BTA Comprehensive TT.

The BTA Pilates Matwork teacher training program is UNIQUE because:

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Is the BTA Mat TT for you?

pilates-matwork-teacher-training-brochure-2This program is suitable for you if you are a:

– GROUP EXERCISE INSTRUCTOR who wants to expand your teaching repertoire or start teaching a Pilates class without the need for Pilates apparatus

– PERSONAL TRAINER who wants to elevate your quality of teaching by incorporating and integrating Pilates Matwork exercises, Pilates concepts and the Prehab Trainer™ techniques into your PT sessions

– YOGA TEACHER; DANCE TEACHER or GYMNASTIC COACH  who acknowledges the value of progressing your clients safely and without injury

– PILATES PRACTITIONERS & CLIENTS who wants to turn your passion into a career


The Mat TT is a 114-hour program that takes 20 weeks to complete.

Students are required to schedule and complete Practice, Observation and Practice Teaching hours in between the Classroom hours.

(i) Classroom hours – 20* (please scroll down for “Schedule for Classroom Hours”)
(ii) Practice hours – 30
(iii) Observation hours – 15
(iv) Student teaching hours – 15

Upon completion of all hours and meeting the minimum requirements of the theory, performance and teaching evaluations, the student will be awarded with a teaching certificate.


Actual dates to be announced. Classroom hours would take place on 4 X 5 hour days

Students must fulfil all practice, observation and practice teaching hours within 20 weeks of enrolment.


At least 3 months as a Pilates practitioner at Pilates BodyTree.


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