Sometimes in our lives, we learn things that make us doubt if it would be useful in the future, but thankfully, Pilates Matwork teacher training program wasn’t as such. The comprehensive knowledge gained from the course benefited me whether or not I embark on the path to teach Pilates. In my case, I was able to improve my parents’ fitness and mobility at the comfort of our own home, with just a mat. I was more aware of my posture and alignment which has greatly improved my performance in sports and daily life – less slouching and lazy back!

I’m blessed with friends who’ve committed their time for me to hone my teaching skills. Not only that, they invited their friends to attend my classes which has greatly heightened my level of confidence because that means they enjoy my classes. It is gratifying to know that they do spend time practicing at home religiously so as to convince me that they can advance to the harder pieces.

In this teaching journey, classes at Pilates BodyTree meant more than just working out; it involves deep learning and thinking – I no longer follow the instructions blindly, I contemplate the teachers’ instructions and pore over the reasoning behind the way they design the classes. Through fumbling, exploring and inserting different class designs to my classes, I created my own style of teaching.

I’m really excited for the practical (teaching) evaluation this Saturday!

Written by Jasmine Lee


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