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  1. The global stats on female incontinence and Pelvic Dysfunction and why this subject is EVERY Movement and Fitness Professionals ‘business’ – all women we serve have Pelvic Floor muscles and Pelvic Organs!  They are part of the ‘Core’, we can’t train for speed, strength, stability or indeed LIFE, without this essential component co-ordinating and functioning well.
  2. Pelvic Anatomy and Function – we’ll make the complexed very, very simple.  It’s ESSENTIAL that every professional knows where everything’s located, attached to, the correct anatomical names and how/why dysfunction occurs.
  3. The role of the Pelvic Floor in lumbopelvic stability, continence, organ support and sexual health.
  4. The types of incontinence/bladder and bowel dysfunction.
  5. The relationship of the Pelvic Floor to the rest of the Core including the Diaphragm and respiration, the lumbothoracic region and the hip complex.
  6. Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Dysfunction – the under-recognised link.
  7. How to properly cue Pelvic Floor activation in women and men.  Key terms/phrases to guarantee client success.
  8. Signs that indicate Pelvic Floor ‘weakness’ versus ‘overactivity’.
  9. Alignment and Pelvic Dysfunction.
  10. Simple strategies and resources for ‘downtraining’ a diagnosed ‘overactive’ Pelvic Floor.
  11. The types of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP).
  12. Training for Pelvic Floor co-ordination and full range of motion.
  13. Constipation, lifting, toileting and pressure management for life!
  14. How to screen your clients for PFD including types of incontinence – bladder, bowel, pelvic pain, ortho dysfunction and POP
  15. What are the ‘Pelvic Health Red Flags’? When to refer out? To whom? How establish links with clinicians and create your referral network.
  16. The principles of Integrated Functional Pelvic Floor Exercise – BEYOND KEGELS and tighten, tighten, tighten!
  17. What is ‘Pelvic Floor Safe’ Exercise?
  18. Modifying exercise for those experiencing Pelvic Dysfunction
  19. Understanding Intra-Abdominal Pressure (IAP) and how to manage it – understand how different exercises and positions have different IAP implications. What happens when we breath hold? Technique matters as much as/maybe even more than the specific exercise.
  20. Pelvic Health and Back Pain Overview – the potential for dysfunction.
  21. Pelvic Health and the Female Athlete Overview – the potential for dysfunction.
  22. Pelvic Health in Pregnancy Overview – the potential for dysfunction.
  23. Pelvic Health in Post Natal Period Overview – the potential for dysfunction.
  24. Pelvic Health in the 3rd Age (Peri-to-Post Menopause) Overview – the potential for dysfunction.


If you think this is another run-of-the-mill workshop about the Pelvic Floor with standard exercise prescriptions, be prepared for an Eye-Opening and Radical change in perspective!

Jenny Burrell is all about function, Function, FUNCTION. And she wants you to GET RESULTS for your clients! Click on the video below for a preview of Jenny Burrell’s expertise, energy and passion for this subject:

Also, Jenny will be joined by SOFIE JACOBS (founder of Urban Hatch, Midwife and qualified Pilates teacher). Sofie will be giving an introduction to the tools you can use to help prepare your clients for labour and birth including the birth plan, mindfulness, optimal fetal positioning and perineal prep.


Sat 20th Jan 2018 (1-7pm) & Sun 21st Jan 2018 (1-7pm)


BSc (Hons), Dip SMRT, WHNC – Creator of Holistic Core Restore® & Head of Burrell Education

Jenny Burrell is the founder of Burrell Education, one of UK’s leading edge educators in the field of modern Pregnancy, Post-Baby, 3rd Age (Peri to Post Menopause) and Female Fitness, Wellness, Massage & Bodywork Therapies.

Jenny is  beyond passionate about empowering women to ask questions and seek the help they need in order to RESTORE THEIR CORES, improve their Pelvic Health and tackle the dysfunction issues that so negatively impact on the way they live their lives.

As a Women’s Wellness and Fitness and Nutrition Educator as well as a Soft Tissue/Remedial Therapist, Jenny has worked with and taught 1000’s of women and professionals for over a decade and half, providing them with REAL solutions for their most pressing concerns regarding “core rehabilitation”, fitness, fat loss and restorative/remedial practices that for many provide a foundation for deep transformation and empowerment.

Burrell Education is the UK’s ONLY Licensed Provider solely dedicated to educating and serving the female population at all life stages but especially during Pregnancy, the Post Natal period and into the Peri to Post Menopausal years.



Sofie Jacobs, founder of Urban Hatch graduated in Midwifery in 1998 and since has lived and practiced as a Midwife in London before moving to Hong Kong in 2012. Between working in the public and private healthcare, Sofie has nearly 20 years of experience in all areas of midwifery, helping parents-to- be from all over the world, of varying ages and backgrounds. Urban Hatch’s first online course ‘HATCH’ is designed to prepare pregnant women and their partners for labour, birth and early days with baby.

Sofie has completed the Exercise in Pregnancy, and Optimal Nutrition for Post Natal Recovery & Healing Courses, created by leading women’s wellness and fitness expert Jenny Burrell, later co-lecturing with Burrell. She is also a qualified Pilates teacher and a strong believer in the value of movement during pregnancy.



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