Focusing on portions that matter most to movement teachers …

… It’s a logical process that eschews rote memorisation and instead provides us with a practical approach that is critical to what we do.

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There is a Big difference between:

* Giving clients a set series of exercises to do ad nauseam, and

* Intentionally selecting and sequencing exercises appropriate for the client’s goals while taking into account their physical issues, as well as teaching the client how to do those exercises correctly

To do the latter effectively, you must understand the human body, its Potential, its limitations and what it means to a client when you teach him/her an exercise, a series of movements or a one-hour workout class.

Designed for personal trainers, group exercise instructors, yoga teachers, Pilates teachers and fitness professionals of any movement disciplines, the BTA Movement Anatomy™ is a series of three x 2-day courses conceived to BRIDGE THE GAP between movement and science.

If you are a Fitness Professional

Progress from merely instructing exercises to truly teaching bodies to Make a Difference.

If you are a Practitioner

Progress from blindly exercising to mindful movement because “Movement is Life. Life is Movement” and when you move well, you live well.


1. Body map, planes of movement
2. Anatomy of a movement
3. Tissues, bones & muscles
4. Muscle groups and functions
5. Assessment tools for functional/dysfunctional movements
– Learn to “See”
– Learn to Palpate
6. Understanding pain
7. Pain assessment
8. Methods for pain relief
9. Tools for pain prevention

The full series can be taken on its own, and is also offered as part of the Pilates Matwork teacher training program to set you apart from other Matwork teachers.


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– Movement Anatomy™: Basic
– Movement Anatomy™ I
– Movement Anatomy™ II


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