You must know the WHAT before you can understand the WHY and know HOW!

Understanding the anatomy of a human body helps us move, practice and teach effectively. It is the BASIS for further study of human movement, regardless of your chosen movement discipline.

MOVEMENT ANATOMY™ – BASIC is also the Foundation to maximise your understanding of the PREHAB TRAINER™, or to become more aware of your own movement practice.

This course is part of the BTA Pilates Matwork teacher training program and the Comprehensive Pilates teacher training program.

What participants said about the course

” … making sense of anatomy was my primary goal and I think I’ve achieved that in this course.”

“Focusing on portions that matter most to movement teachers …”

” … the clear and objective method that was used to apply the anatomy knowledge … were very relevant and helpful.”

“The sequence of logic thinking on how muscles affect the movement of joints, bones and muscles.”

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Course Outline

This course aims to provide you with a functional knowledge of the human body and how it applies to movement. It will cover :

– the role of tissues, bones and muscles in movement
– major muscles of each joint
– understanding how the features of these muscles relate to specific movements; thereby appreciating movement cues and corrections
– learning to palpate bony landmarks to induce more precise and refined movements


Suitable for ALL.

– Especially useful if you are planning on becoming a fitness professional, OR
– If you are already a fitness professional, this course will be excellent as a review of how you are applying your anatomy knowledge


– 16th Feb 2019 (Sat): 1pm-7pm (6hrs)
– 17th Feb 2019 (Sun): 1pm-7pm (6hrs)


Usual fee : SGD700 (registration deadline: 2nd Feb 2019)
Early bird fee : SGD399 (until 31st Dec 2018)


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Movement Anatomy™ – Basic


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