Pilates teachers: listen up!

At the Fletcher Pilates Conference 2013 (3-5 May 2013), a panel consisting of second generation Pilates teachers Kyria Sabin, Michelle Larsson, Deborah Lessen, Cara Reeser, Blossom Crawford, Jillian Hessel, Dianne Severino, Brett Howard and Amy Taylor Alpers had this message to share:


1. Learn the history

2. Respect and honour those who have gone before you

3. Share the lessons and traditions that your teachers have shared with you

4. If nothing else, do a good job teaching

5. To work with someone’s body is an honour and these skills take time to develop – teach what you know

6. Pilates is Health!

This post is made possible, courtesy of one of our Fletcher Pilates teachers, Jenna Zaffino.


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