– BEng (Hons)
– Co-Founder and Managing Director, Pilates BodyTree®
– Co-Founder, BodyTree Academy
Regional Director of Education Asia, EBFA Global
– PowerPlate Certified Master Trainer
– Fletcher Pilates® Adjunct Faculty (2009-2014)
– PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
– Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher
– Physical Training Instructor, Singapore Army (2000-2002)
– Pilates lecturer, Dip Dance, NAFA
– Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy
– Rehab Trainer
– McGill 1-2
– Anatomy Trains®

Voted Pilates Instructor of the Year 2018 (Fitness Asia Best), Jerry is a BodyTree Academy ® teacher trainer, Regional Director of Education Asia for EBFA Global and PowerPlate Master Instructor.

He teaches movement longevity and this philosophy led him to study with Pilates Elder Ron Fletcher, Dr Emily Splichal (founder of EBFA Global and leader in barefoot science) and Dr Stuart McGill (scientist for back pain).

Jerry’s life mission is to teach and inspire people to take changes that would improve their
quality of life. His greatest fulfilment in teaching comes from witnessing how impactful changes in his students’ physical bodies had positive influences over other aspects of their lives.

Jerry studied Pilates with Pilates Master Teacher and Elder Ron Fletcher (1921-2011) since 2004. Ron’s emphasis on excellence influenced him to constantly explore ways to develop his teaching skills. Jerry’s greatest strength is his ability to adapt and adjust teaching methods to different learning personalities so as to make learning simple yet effective. He continues to impart this knowledge to Pilates Teacher Trainees through the BTA Pilates Matwork teacher training program and the BTA Comprehensive Pilates teacher training program.

In his last 12 years of teaching, Jerry has frequently taught people with back, neck and knee problems. He especially loved and taught many runners, golfers, tennis players, skiers, yogis and dancers to improve their sports performance. Having spent many years promoting and introducing the work at corporations and schools, Jerry strongly believes everyone can realise their movement potential.

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