As I have gone through the basics with my practice clients last week, I have decided to increase the intensity for this session. I added Double Leg Stretch, Double Leg Lift and Criss Cross to the rest of the Stomach series. The class got less time to rest too, which made it even more challenging for most of them. Some of them began to arch their backs unintentionally without realising it themselves. Thankfully, they are open-minded enough (and not too competitive) to work on an easier variation when their bodies aren’t ready for such level yet.

They enjoyed the Side Leg Lift, Side Kick and Side Bend Kneeling that I have arranged towards the end of the session.  A couple of them have the same issues as I do – rocking back and forth on the side, so I got them to move their legs forward a little, slightly looking like a shape of a banana. That gives them so much more control over their bodies.  And yes, they love the aching feeling  at their waists and buttocks during the side exercises!

I’m meeting up with my course mates this coming Saturday and, all of us just received an email from Kris to be ready to teach 28 pieces of Matwork exercises. Boy, I hope I can nail the pieces this time round!  

Written by Jasmine Lee


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