Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, or “DNS” as it is commonly referred to, is an approach to optimize the movement system based upon the scientific principles of developmental kinesiology (DK).


The causes of musculoskeletal pain, in particular back pain, is often evaluated from an anatomical and biomechanical standpoint, and the influence of external forces (i.e. loading) acting on the spine.  What is often missing is the evaluation of internal forces induced by the patient’s own musculature. The stabilizing function of muscles plays a critical and decisive postural role, which in turn, is dependent on the quality of central nervous system (CNS) control.

Kolar’s approach to DNS is a unique approach explaining the importance of the neurophysiological principles of the movement system. The DNS encompasses principles of developmental kinesiology during the 1st year of the life; these principles define ideal posture, breathing stereotypes and functional joint centration from a “neurodevelopmental” paradigm … Click HERE for full details.

Robert Lardner (PT), speaking on DK and DNS:


This 2-day course is designed to introduce DNS principles as it relates to exercise and fitness training.

– Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of developmental kinesiology
– Describe the relationship between development during the first year of life and dysfunction of the locomotor system in adulthood
– Discuss and demonstrate the basis of human movement: support, stepping forward, the biomechanics of motor function, the verticalization process & functional joint centration in postural development
– Evaluate and correct poor respiratory patterns
– Assess the integrated stabilizing system of the spine both visually and utilizing dynamic functional tests
– Integrate corrective exercises based on the DNS functional tests and developmental positions in supine, prone, low kneeling, oblique sit, and quadruped global movements
– Demonstrate how DNS corrective exercises can be integrated with other exercise strategies


This course is open to clinicians, trainers, coaches, body work therapists, exercise physiologists & kinesiologists.


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BodyTree Group (137 Cecil Street, Hengda Building #12-01, Singapore 069537)


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