As Pilates becomes more popular and well known, there have been more enquiries to become a qualified Pilates Teacher.

Most if not all Pilates teaching training programs in the market today require 12 to 18 months of commitment to become a fully qualified Pilates teacher. This is largely due to the number of movements on different Pilates apparatus that a new student teacher has to learn. It is quite dauntingly for someone (especially those with a full time job) to commit to such a program.

However, there is another path to become a fully qualified Pilates Teacher i.e. to start first as a Pilates Matwork teacher. This process is shorter – about 3 to 5 months since the focus is on Pilates Matwork movements only.

This path is appropriate for:

1. People with full time employment (and considering a career switch)
2. Fitness professionals / yoga teachers, and
3. People involved in physical education

For group 1, the Pilates Matwork course is more digestible and it gives them an opportunity to find out for themselves if this is what they want to do before committing to the longer and more comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. Plus they would have some teaching experience in Pilates Matwork before they commit to the full program. This grants them a different learning curve versus someone who is completely new to teaching.

For group 2, the Pilates Matwork course will enhance their current teaching repertoire. Again, it gives them an opportunity to learn Pilates before deciding to commit to the comprehensive Pilates teacher training program.

For group 3, this is an opportunity for them to introduce Pilates to their students at all levels. Pilates Matwork can be done anywhere with a mat (indoors/outdoors) and it is a great system to introduce to the youths as it promotes coordination, strength with flexibility and mobility.

Pilates BodyScience is offering the Pilates Matwork teacher training course in 2014. Click here for details.

Written by LayYong


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