What is the BARE® Workout? Why BARE® Workout?

Created by Functional Podiatrist & Human Movement Specialist, Dr Emily Splichal, BARE® is the only barefoot balance training workout that uniquely combines the concepts of proprioception, interoception, breath, brain and body tension. This workout will cover basics to designing a barefoot balance workout with progressions that will challenge dynamic stabilisation, foot and gluteal strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Powered by Naboso Technology which is a small nerve proprioceptive mat designed to optimization sensory stimulation and neuro-activation from the ground up.

Requirements to become a Certified BARE® Instructor

While anyone is welcome to attend any of our educational workshops, there are certain requirements for becoming a Certified BARE® Instructor:

– Candidate must hold a current, Nationally-Accredited (NCAA) Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Certification or hold an advanced degree such as ATC, LMT, MS, DPT, DC, DPM, MD
– Candidate must attend a BARE® Workout Certification Workshop
– Candidate must pass the BARE® Workout Certification Exam. This is a 35 question/50 point online exam and each Candidate will have 2 attempts and must have a passing score of at least 70%


8 Hour Instructor Training
– ACE 0.8
– AFAA 8.0
– NASM 0.8


25th June 2020 (Thursday)
9am-12noon & 2-6pm

Click HERE for course dates of Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 1 & 2, and Run Injury Free certifications. 


BodyTree Central
137 Cecil Street, #12-01 Hengda Building, Singapore 069537

Taught by EBFA Faculty

Jerry Teo (Regional Director of Education for Asia) and Alycia Chua (Master Instructor)
Click HERE for Jerry’s profile.
Click HERE for Alycia’s profile.

Created by

Dr Emily Splichal (Founder of EBFA Global)


SGD397 (registration deadline is 11th Jun 2020)

Payment & Registration

Registration is confirmed via payment only.
There is no refund for payment made unless the course is cancelled.

Via PayPal

BARE in SG (25th Jun 2020)

Via Bank Transfer
OCBC Bank Singapore
Account Name: BodyTree Academy Pte Ltd
Bank code: 7339
Branch code: 647
Account Number: 112259001

If the bank asks for a 12-digit number, enter 647112259001.

Via PayNow
Using UEN 201224277G


If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Click HERE for course dates of Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 1 & 2, and Run Injury Free certifications.