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Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialist with Dr. Emily Splichal

Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialist – Presented by Dr Emily Splichal

The organized actions of the foot and ankle complex are often overlooked and misunderstood in the movement industry.  This adaptive lever plays a critical role in every upright action from human locomotion to squats and lunges. 

Join Functional Podiatrist and Global Educator Dr Emily Splichal as she explores the following topics: 

– complex foot & ankle anatomy
– common forefoot pathology including what really causes bunions, neuromas, stress fractures, plantar plate tears + more 
– common midfoot pathology including plantar fibromas, posterior tibial tendinitis, cuboid syndrome, top of foot pain + more
– common rearfoot pathology including Achilles tendinitis, plantar fascial tears, tarsal tunnel syndrome, ankle impingement + more 
+ programming and assessments!