The PREHAB TRAINER™ helps you help your clients achieve their physical goals regardless of your chosen movement discipline. It is offered as part of the Pilates Matwork teacher training program or can be offered separately to suit your professional needs.

What is Prehab?

Prehab is the PROactive approach to exercising that prevents pain and injury. It is in contrast to rehab, which is concerned about regaining function following injury or surgery.

Why Prehab Trainer™?

When tension is evenly distributed throughout the whole body, the body is at ease; it moves easily and efficiently. When there’s misalignment in a body, tension accumulates at certain points, manifesting in pain and injury.

Prehab Trainer™ is a step-by-step critical thinking process to:

  1. Recognise movement dysfunctions in a client; or the potential for specific movement dysfunctions.
  2. Understand what a particular movement dysfunction or imbalance implies.
  3. Make the best decisions on what exercises will benefit the client e.g. what and/or when to release; stretch; activate; or strengthen & condition.

You will:

  • Learn to spot potential dysfunctional movements or imbalances both visually and by palpation
  • Explore how a dysfunction or imbalance in one area of the body can impact other
  • Be guided through the process of identifying the areas that need to be addressed e.g. which areas are hypertonic? Or shortened? Which areas require conditioning?
  • Learn how the identified areas need to be addressed i.e. which techniques to apply. Release? Stretch? An activation drill or perhaps strengthening exercises?