Pilates Matwork Teacher Training (Jakarta, Feb 2019)

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This is a 135-hour teacher training program that takes approximately 20 weeks to complete. The intention of this program is for every graduate to be proficient and ready to teach a Pilates Matwork group class safely and effectively, while taking into considerations different levels of clients in the group.

The BodyTree Difference

The BTA Pilates Matwork teacher training program is UNIQUE because:

1. It is offered together with the PREHAB TRAINER™
This means you appreciate and understand THE LINK between:
– the mechanics of body movements (theory), and
– the Pilates Matwork pieces (movement)

2. It focuses on PEDAGOGY by:
– developing your eye as a teacher
– guiding you on the use of tactile or hands-on cues  
– discussing and exploring safe and creative ways to manage clients with injuries
– experiential learning for class design and sequencing 

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Is this Program for you?

pilates-matwork-teacher-training-brochure-2This program is suitable for you if you are a:

– GROUP EXERCISE INSTRUCTOR who wants to expand your teaching repertoire or start teaching a Pilates class without the need for Pilates apparatus

– PERSONAL TRAINER who wants to elevate your quality of teaching by incorporating and integrating Pilates Matwork exercises, Pilates concepts and the Prehab Trainer™ techniques into your PT sessions

– YOGA TEACHER; DANCE TEACHER or GYMNASTIC COACH  who acknowledges the value of progressing your clients safely and without injury

– PILATES PRACTITIONERS & CLIENTS who wants to turn your passion into a career


This is a 135-hour program that takes approximately 20 weeks to complete.

Students meet over 7 weekends and complete other required hours including Practice, Observation and Practice Teaching hours in between the Classroom hours.

(i) Classroom hours – 75* (please scroll down for “Schedule for Classroom Hours”)
(ii) Practice hours – 30 (to commence after Module 2)
(iii) Observation hours – 15 (to commence after Module 2)
(iv) Student teaching hours – 15 (to commence after Module 2)

TOTAL – 135 hours

Upon completion of all hours and meeting the minimum requirements of the evaluations, the student will be awarded with a teaching certificate.


Weekend I/VII: Movement Anatomy™ – Basic
– 23rd Feb 2019 (Sat): 12noon-6pm (6hrs)
– 24th Feb 2019 (Sun): 9am-12noon & 1pm-4pm (6hrs)

Weekend II/VII: Pilates Matwork – Modules 1 & 2
– 2nd Mar 2019 (Sat): 12noon-6:15pm (6.25hrs)

– 3rd Mar 2019 (Sun): 9am-12:15pm & 1pm-4pm (6.25hrs)

Weekend III/VII: Prehab Trainer™ (Movement Anatomy™ – Lower Limbs & the Pelvic Girdle)
– 16th Mar 2019 (Sat): 12noon-6pm (6hrs)
– 17th Mar 2019 (Sun): 9am-12noon & 1pm-4pm (6hrs)

Weekend IV/VII: Prehab Trainer™ (Movement Anatomy™ – Spine & Neck)
– 30th Mar 2019 (Sat): 12noon-6pm (6hrs)
– 31st Mar 2019 (Sun): 9am-12noon & 1pm-4pm (6hrs)

Weekend V/VII: Prehab Trainer™ (Movement Anatomy™ – Upper Limbs & the Shoulder Girdle)
– 13th Apr 2019 (Sat): 12noon-6pm (6hrs)
– 14th Apr 2019 (Sun): 9am-12noon & 1pm-4pm (6hrs)

Weekend VI/VII: Pilates Matwork – Modules 3 & 4
– 27th Apr 2019 (Sat): 1pm-7:15pm (6.25hrs)
– 28th Apr 2019 (Sun): 9am-12:15pm & 1pm-4pm (6.25hrs)

Weekend VII/VII: Theory & Performance Evaluation
– 5th Jul 2019 (Fri): starts at 12noon (2hrs per student)

Practice, Observation and practice teaching hours will be scheduled by the student him/herself.

Students must fulfill all required hours prior to 5th Jul 2019.


At least 6 months as a Pilates practitioner at Pilates BodyTree studio, Pilates Capital or with a BTA certified Pilates Teacher.


Please contact Sandi at sandi@PilatesCapital.com for tuition fee details.


Pilates Capital
fX Sudirman f5#15
Jl. Jendral Sudirman, Pintu Satu Senayan
Jakarta 10270


Registration is confirmed by payment only. Please contact Sandi at sandi@PilatesCapital.com for details.


If you are interested to register or would like to find out more about the program in Jakarta, please contact Sandi Ariyanti, one of BTA’s affiliates at:
URL : www.PilatesCapital.com
Email : sandi@PilatesCapital.com
Phone 1 : +6221 291110010
Phone 2 : +62 8111900288