Jane Fok


– BSc (Applied Mathematics)
– Postgraduate Diploma in Education
– BodyTree Academy (BTA) Certified Pilates Teacher
– Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher
– Pilates Applications for Pelvic Floor Health & Dysfunction (The Center for Women’s Fitness)
– EBFA® Barefoot Training Specialist
– BARE Workout® Instructor
– Rebab Trainer

Jane started Ballet at the age of 5. Zealous about dance, she picked up various forms of dance such as Tap, Chinese, Jazz, Hip Hop and Latin. A fitness enthusiast, she used to frequent the gym and her joints wore out quickly. A bad fall down the stairs resulted in her going for an injection to supplement the fluid in her knee. Jane chanced upon Pilates and practised it to nurse her knee back to health in 2009.

Blessed without morning sickness during her pregnancy, Jane did Pilates one-on-one and Yin Yoga until she was 38 weeks on and gave birth 2 days shy of 40 weeks. Throughout her pregnancy, Jane was able to carry out her daily activities. She continued to practice her Pilates breathing post-delivery to help in the healing of her Diastasis Recti and was back exercising in just 2.5 weeks after delivery.

After graduating from her Pilates Teacher Training courses, Jane was determined to share her Pilates Pregnancy experience so that other women can regain their pre-pregnancy figure in the most effective way. Jane also has a passion for helping dancers improve their performance with Pilates.

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