Barefoot Training Specialist® Level I & II

The Barefoot Training Specialist® Program (BTS) is designed to present the latest research in barefoot science as it relates to restoring foot function, corrective exercise and athletic performance.

Evidence also supports corrective exercise techniques using barefoot training as a powerful aid for patients with ACL injuries, low back pain, ankle instability, SI joint dysfunction, hip labral injuries, and several other lower extremity difficulties. Learn how barefoot science can enhance the timing of muscle activation patterns and how this directly relates to the prevention of hip, knee and foot injuries.

Who Should Attend?

Fitness practitioners; Personal trainers; group exercise instructors; CrossFit trainers; gymnastics coaches; Kettlebell instructors; yoga teachers and Pilates teachers and fitness professionals of any disciplines.


For each 14-hour workshop, the course offers ACE 1.4, AFAA 14, NASM 1.4 or PMA® 14.


As the foundation to all EBFA education, the BTS Level I Certification sets the foundation for advanced concepts in barefoot activation, reflexive stabilisation and movement efficiency. With the foot as the only contact point between the body and the ground, this complex structure plays a critical role in the way in which our body stabilises during dynamic movement.

In this Level 1 Certification, get ready to explore how to prepare the body for movement by tapping into the nervous system with barefoot science, foot to core sequencing and reflexive stability via fascial lines.


– Foot to core sequencing via short foot
– Introduction to foot; ankle anatomy and biomechanics
– Open chain and closed chain foot assessments
– Foot function and fascial lines
– Barefoot before shod programming
and more!


Mon 25th Feb 2019 (9am-5pm with a 1-hour lunch break)
Tues 26th Feb 2019 (9am-5pm with a 1-hour lunch break)

Taught by

Regional Director of Education Asia for EBFA Global, Jerry Teo. Click HERE to read Jerry’s full bio.


Further challenge your concept of from the ground up movement and foot to core sequencing with BTS Level II Certification. From heel strike to push-off, our foot dictates the way our body responds, and reacts to every closed chain movement including walking, squatting and jumping.

In this advanced Level II workshop you will further explore the concept of foot to core as it relates to movement efficiency and the transfer of energy as it relates to gait. All attendees will learn the powerful assessment technique for walking and running gait.


– Advanced foot biomechanics including the great toe and first ray
– Phases of the walking gait cycle
– Walking and running gait assessment techniques
– Innate loading response
– The catapult effect and energy transfer
and more!


Tues 16th Apr 2019 (9am-5pm with a 1-hour lunch break)
Wed 17th Apr 2019 (9am-5pm with a 1-hour lunch break)

Taught by

EBFA Global Founder Dr Emily Splichal. Click HERE to read Dr Emily’s full bio.

Registration & Payment

Registration deadline is 2 weeks before course date and is confirmed with receipt of payment only. For group preferential rate, please email Kris Ng at

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