Use Pilates Exercises to Improve Thoracic Spine Mobility

Pilates teachers are familiar with this issue – clients thrusting their rib cage forward when lifting their arms overhead. Sometimes, no matter what cues you give your clients, they can’t seem to perform this simple and yet not so easy movement. One key reason why clients can’t lift their arms overhead without thrusting their rib […]

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Do You Prefer to Teach Pilates Private Sessions or Pilates Group Classes?

During my training to become a qualified Pilates Teacher, I was required to learn, practice, and teach in both formats: Pilates private sessions and Pilates group classes. Now that I am teaching full time, I sometimes ask myself – which type do I prefer to teach? My preference is Pilates private sessions. And here’s why: […]

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Why It Is Important to Train the Gluteus Medius Muscle During Pilates Training?

During Pilates Training, we have our favorite movements and to be honest, training the gluteus medius was not my priority until I understood more about the function and importance of this muscle. In the human body there are three gluteal muscles that form the buttocks. They are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus […]

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Awareness of SI Joint Dysfunction for a Pilates Teacher

As a Pilates Teacher, I continue to be amazed by the human body and the uniqueness of each individual client that I teach. Clients with a similar problem (e.g. back pain) may respond differently to the same movement.  It comes down to the real cause of the problem – however, this is not an easy […]

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Message from Second Generation Pilates Teachers

Pilates teachers: listen up! At the Fletcher Pilates Conference 2013 (3-5 May 2013), a panel consisting of second generation Pilates teachers Kyria Sabin, Michelle Larsson, Deborah Lessen, Cara Reeser, Blossom Crawford, Jillian Hessel, Dianne Severino, Brett Howard and Amy Taylor Alpers had this message to share: 1. Learn the history 2. Respect and honour those […]

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How did I become a Pilates Teacher?

Are you like me when it comes to finding your ideal job or career? Somehow I am a Pilates Teacher and I like it. It was not in my original plan! Someone once said – when you set goals, somehow or other you will find a way to achieve them. One of my goals is […]

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